Hey everyone.

Today is a special day for me. I took my first steps into official steps into indie documentary film making. Please check out my new teaser trailer.

Im are going to need all the support i can get to spread the word to get this movie made so please tell friends about it, like it on FB etc. If you have any friends of family that love tattoos or are interested in japanese art and culture let them know. I’m making a website and twitter account over the next week so you all can see the status of the movie.

I just want to thank my friends and family for all of the support over the years. I could not have done it with out you.

I’ll make a formal announcement soon but as a treat here is a teaser trailer of the movie.


This is a wedding film that i shot for Highland in 2012.

Shot my first official Tokyo wedding with the permission of the hotel Claska yesterday hahhahaha.

Where do i begin hahaha. First off let me say it was a beautiful day and a beautiful location. You could not ask for a better day to get married on.

I knew coming into this wedding that it would be a great challenge for me for so many reasons. First time heading up a team in a new country, limited staff and gear, new people to shoot with, all around different wedding structure etc etc…. It would force me to not rely on old tapes in my head. I had to be hyper present as well as get the job done hahaha. I knew if i could get through this nothing could stop me hahahah.

I think we did a great job

I learned so much from this. There are sooooooo many things that i want to implement in the future that will make for a more efficient shoot. Also it once again taught me that anything is possible with good team work.

Its been a long journey for me from fan to student to teacher. Im so thankful that i had a wonderful patient mentor Timothy Tse to help shape my filmmaking carrier.

Thank you so much

Location: CLASKA




Honestly, I believe this was one of my most challenging shoots.

So many things where not in my favor. Rain, equipment, health, umbrella hahaha But some how i pulled through ^_^

I have to give credit to all the HJFW participants. They keep going despite the odds. Very inspiring. I hope my photos today do them justice.

Also i got to give credit to my Houston peeps. Those photographers and videographers In my home town are tough and super talented! I just wanted to do my people proud. Even though im overseas I still gotta rep my city ^_-



A total unexpected turn of events….

I started the day just going to support some friends and it turned into a full fledge photo shoot and a opportunity to meet one of my most favorite photographers.

I wasn’t familiar with Yone’s work until recently. He was all ways someone i heard about but never got a chance to fully investigate. Needless to say I found it and LOVED his photography!!

Today at Harajuku kawaii he was promoting a new camera by fuji. The Instax mini 8. Really cool little cameras. WANT!!!

I also got a chance to hear a lot about the history of harajuku as well as the Mighty harajuku project.  Even though i have been here for a few years now I realize i have so much more to learn.

Anyway I tottally geeked out a little when i finally met him. So ashamed….
But i got to see him shoot. He was so fast!! His second shooter was blazing fast too. Its amazing how much you can do with a good efficient team.

Really cool to watch. I’ll get there someday ^_^




I was so excited to have my first official pre-wedding shoot in Tokyo. And to top it off i got to photograph and film Sumo legend John Gunning. I could’t ask for such a wonderful start with a great couple that had me laughing all day.

Im so thankful to have the opportunity.

Pre wedding film of John ann Reina Gunning in Tokyo, Japan.



Hey Everyone!
I made my first music video hahahah!

I few weeks back I was asked by LG ERA [Loco mack and GLAD GAME] to shoot some video of them preforming their version of the K-pop song “”. Even though we had very limited time and no budget i think we where able to pull something off that everyone can enjoy.

I learned so much from this experience. I cant wait till i get another chance to shoot another music video.

I got some ideas now (^_-) Enjoy