This is a wedding film that i shot for Highland in 2012.

Shot my first official Tokyo wedding with the permission of the hotel Claska yesterday hahhahaha.

Where do i begin hahaha. First off let me say it was a beautiful day and a beautiful location. You could not ask for a better day to get married on.

I knew coming into this wedding that it would be a great challenge for me for so many reasons. First time heading up a team in a new country, limited staff and gear, new people to shoot with, all around different wedding structure etc etc…. It would force me to not rely on old tapes in my head. I had to be hyper present as well as get the job done hahaha. I knew if i could get through this nothing could stop me hahahah.

I think we did a great job

I learned so much from this. There are sooooooo many things that i want to implement in the future that will make for a more efficient shoot. Also it once again taught me that anything is possible with good team work.

Its been a long journey for me from fan to student to teacher. Im so thankful that i had a wonderful patient mentor Timothy Tse to help shape my filmmaking carrier.

Thank you so much

Location: CLASKA