English speaking video production company based in Tokyo.

Finding a professional content creation company that can deliver high quality work can be hard. We have had the pleasure of providing both video and photography content creation and support services for many overseas companies. We would love to help you as well 


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Pre Production & POST PRODUCTION

Editing, Pre production, and Post Production support


Video production

We create the engaging videos that are ready to be published meeting your broadcast requirements.



 We can provide pro Photography for Artist, Brands, and Event Photography.


Are you shooting in Japan, let us help you?


We provide bilingual production but we mainly specialize in foreign productions that are coming to japan. Depending you your needs we can provide professional production support. for example



Interviews and Corporate videos 

One of our most popular requests are interviews and corporate videos. We can produce this top of content and provide proper lighting and audio to support.  Also if you are in need of training videos and or videos showcasing your company we got your back!


Documentaries & Short films

This is the heart and soul of 1KFilms.  We have been fortunate enough create videos for a number of news organizations and 

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Brands & Web CM

We have had lots of experience working with brands from all different sizes making web commercials, youtube content and viral social media content.

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Youtube Content

Creating Youtube content is our specialty. We have been making engaging youtube videos for the top creators from all over the world.

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Event Coverage

We offer everything from single camera event recording to full production multi camera events.


We don’t just provide you quality videos we also give you access to our knowledge and experience shooting and producing here in japan


Let us edit for you!

Sometimes you just don’t even have enough time to edit.  Thats where we com in.  Call us if you just have one video that you need edited or if you need a regular editor to handle your content creation needs.

Yup we do photography too!


We don't only do video folks, we also do photography. 1KFilms has been doing professional Commercial photography and fashion photography for a wide variety of international clients.