A lot of people have been asking me.  Why no updates for the last few days?  I’ll get to that hahahahah…..

You know what they say.  All work and no play is not good.
I  know im a workaholic so when 1kfilms crew got  a chance to go on a little Tokyo Bay cruise I jumped at the chance.  I grabbed a camera and a lens and ran out the house. I figured that we can shoot just for fun and document the day.

No Tripods, monopods, lens bags, filters, etc, etc…

All I know now is I want a boat….. BAD!
It was so much fun.  We also got to eat at a outdoor restaurant where you get to pick out the fresh seafood you want and cook it up.  After that we did a little fishing, messed around with a lot of Jelly fish and drank a lot of wine lol


Unfortunately there where a few casualties…

  • my 24-70 lens (autofocus is now broken)
  • my iphone (which is resting peacefully at the bottom of the Tokyo Bay)

Both of them have served me well over the years.  I will miss them both (:_;)

Other than that it was a perfect day.  Lots of laughs, good conversations, made new friends and a ate a lot of fish!

Thank You to our Captain Mr- Shida and the Ocean Beauty crew for allowing me to tag along.
It made me sooooooo happy ^_^

Now back to work!

[the movie was shot just for fun and it was all hand held.  Thats why it’s so shaky.]