Shooting just wrapped up shooting on the Kumamiki project \(^_^)/

As you may know Kuma and I have been collaborated a lot on a lot of projects but this one breaks some new ground and opens up a lot of new possibilities for 1K.  It has been a dream to to shoot creative educational programs, but i have not had the time and the opportunity.

Planing and shoot something like this took a lot of time and research but the final product is so rewarding.  I really enjoy it, it’s a welcome change from doing weddings hahahahah.

I just want to thank Kumamiki for dealing with me during the month of shooting.  She is a real trooper.

We should be releasing soon. And we have A LOT of videos to come.
If your interested in learn everything from Filmmaking, Photography, to Software. I got something for you too ^_-
If your a creative you’ll love it

Hope you all enjoy
Now its time to finish ALL the edits